At Helicopter, responsematters! 

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The Helicopter Group is a team of people who are passionate about what we do. And we are invested in what you do.

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What we're great at
Some of the things we can do we’ve never done before! What we can tell you is that we have the depth and breadth to handle a huge gamut of direct marketing needs.

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We’d like you to get to know us, hear what we have to say, hopefully engage in conversation with us. Because what matters to us, is what matters to you.

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You are going to hear response matters a lot from us

It is integral to who we are, what we do and how we operate. Two forces drive us equally:

Return on Investments

You need the greatest ROI for your direct marketing dollar.

You can measure ROI by response: After your campaign, if your customers use your product or service more than they currently do, that response proves you have successfully connected.

You need The Helicopter Group’s expertise to make sure you achieve the best possible response rates.


You need a responsive partner to help with your direct marketing.

Not a vendor who will execute a mailing. Someone that will help you, guide you and add value.

When you call and say ‘guess what, another change’, you want someone to respond ‘that’s why we’re here, we will make it work’.


We’ve increased response for business’ in these industries


We’d love the opportunity to discuss your next direct marketing campaign – or your marketing plan in general. We will share our expertise about integrating direct mail with a multi-channel approach to increase your response rate. Tell us how to reach you below, and we will get in touch.


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