Culture of Excellence

Any discussion of who we are has to include a conversation around our people. We have industry veterans with years of experience and time-tested techniques, and new faces with fresh ideas and new solutions.

The Helicopter Group is a team passionate about what we do; we are invested in what you do. We think you need to know what makes us tick and why you should be working with us.

We strive for excellence

Because nothing great was ever achieved by doing things halfway

We get to know your business because our goal is to help you succeed

As our client you deserve a trusted partner and our whole team is at your disposal

“Good enough” is simply NOT good enough for us

Depend on us to be your experts, challenge us, expect 100%

We empower our customers by sharing our expertise

We offer options, alternative perspectives and solutions you may not have considered


We don’t expect you to guess what is going on: we always keep you informed

Look! Up in the Sky.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s The Helicopter Group team!


  • Over 20 years experience
  • Customized Direct Marketing programs
  • Super-hero like commitment to customer service

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