Get to know us

We are The Helicopter Group, a TI Group company, and a leading direct marketing solutions provider to many major brands in the North American marketplace.

We have been growing, developing and building on our success since 1996. The year we started out:

  • was the same year the toonie was introduced
  • the average house price in Canada was $151,000
  • the average price of gas in Toronto was 56.1¢ per litre
  • a new Apple Mac had a 180MHz processor, 1.6 GB storage, 16 MB RAM (by today’s standards- .18 GHz processor, 1.6 GB storage, .016 GB RAM)

The reason we have been in business so long is that we are good at what we do – very good.

Our customers trust us with their data and client communications: that is a huge honour and responsibility.

We have honed our business process to ensure that customers get the highest levels of security, production efficiency and quality, along with immeasurable value of experience.

  • we don’t – ever – take shortcuts if the result is a loss of integrity of the finished product
  • we do – regularly – find faster and better methods to achieve a better product
  • being faster and more efficient equates to improved speed to market and reduced costs

We are happy to run one-off marketing programs for you but what we would ultimately like is to become your trusted Direct Marketing partner.

We want to show you that we can ‘leap tall buildings in a single bound’ for you.

(ok, so you get that we are being metaphoric, right?)


  • Over 20 years experience
  • Customized Direct Marketing programs
  • Super-Hero like commitment to customer service

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